About Us

Life.VU is driving social change by transforming the impact of everyday actions for a large and growing population who are today disconnected from their world; feeling alone, disoriented and often abandoned. Our mission is to reconnect them to those who care - creating both a window in and a window out.

Life.VU is a Social Network Platform that enables family and friends to connect, engage and share with loved ones from anywhere at anytime in real time.

  • We believe in the power of connecting, engaging and sharing.
  • We believe that the elderly and those living alone gain strength and orientation by being in touch with their extended universe of connections.
  • We believe that family and friends care and want to share their lives and experiences with loved ones.

Life.VU is making it happen!

  • We founded Life.VU to make this seemingly difficult task, really simple.
  • It is simple for family, staff and residents.
  • In just a click you can include loved ones in your life.
    • Create a profile, upload texts and photos, send invitations to family and friends
    • Family and friends drive content to a personal profile through mobile devices
    • Share thoughts, photos and messages of affection and concern in real time

We are always looking for ways to improve Life.VU, so if you have any ideas to share with our team, please contact us at service@life-vu.com.